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Our Company

The philosophy of Padiway is to offer him to an integral solution to the beekeeper offering to him an extensive product diversity representing a great variety of international companies suppliers of the apicultural sector, is the ambition of Padiway to get to position like the Supplier leader in the provision of products, machineries, medicines and all type of insumos for the beekeeper.

In addition to offer to the beekeeper advising him in its acquisition of products that allows you:

• To improve work techniques. To use machineries that fulfill Norm ISO the 9000 and requirements of security of the European Union, recognized internationally. To choose between the diversity 
of companies that we represented? To be updated with the last technological new features? 
To commercialize its products advising it in the profit the autoexportación.

Our Products

We have made one first division of the products that we offer to make agile the search more interesting to you:

• Honey processed and without processing.
• Propóleos for medicinal applications in homeopathical medicines.
• Real jelly and its derivatives.
• Wax of bees.

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