Who are we?

We are a group of farmers dedicated to breed Chinchillas that in 2002 decided to join efforts in order to reach the same goals.

That s why we constitute a farm cooperative called Old Breeders. We chose that kind of association due to the spirit of solidarity among its members. We add up our experiences and knowledge in handling our animals, their feeding and health, and the safety of their enviroment. These aspects are the guarantee for the equal quality of products from  the Old Breeders Exportadora, Importadora y Comercializadora Limitada.

The international response to our products has exceeded our expectations, which is why we tried to deal with more demanding markets.We  have  garments and accesories that are greatly appreciated for their beauty and admired locally and abroad for their superb quality.

Our products

Old Breeders has specialized in fine trimmed manufactures. (you can see them in www.eluneyfurs.com.ar) . Among them we have a Chinchilla COLLAR of  “wavy selvedge” that produces a  movement sensation. Our garments are coats, overcoats, jackets, and sport jackets. Their design can be adapted in two different styles,  covering the neck as in a turtleneck or an open one “V” neck . We also have tuxedo style collars, in short  and  long versions, manufactured with one piece skins,.and an exclusive adjustable scarf made also of Chinchilla, all showing the luxury and quality of the furs.

Among our products you can find removable accesories for coats, jackets, etc., spectacular furcuffs, hats with silk lining in different sizes, hand made gloves in Carpincho with Chinchilla interior and  trimmed in it, in different colors like brown, black and grey,  in various sizes,  and for men and women. We also have an exclusive design Shawl, hand made with silk strands.

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